Merchandise Provides Revenue For Sharks 

Merchandise Provides Revenue For Sharks

Matthew Adamski for SBS

There are many ways sports franchises can gain revenue. One way is to effectively sell merchandise representing their team. The San Jose Sharks are one of the best-marketed teams in the NHL. The Sharks' team colors of teal, black, and white are eye-catching and appealing to an ever-growing base of fans. The team's mascot S.J. Sharkie continues to attract families to games and to encourage sales of products associated with the mascot.

A large assortment of products that promote and represent the team are bought and sold within the Bay Area, California and other states as well as around the world. For the purposes of this article I will focus on Sharks' merchandise sales in San Jose simply because it's the hometown of the team.

There are several places in San Jose where fans of all ages can buy products representing their favorite team. One of those places is the San Jose Sharks merchandise store located in HP Pavilion at San Jose. Although the store is temporarily closed for remodeling, it will be re-opened on Thursday, October 16 for the Sharks home opener. While fans wait for the store to open again, they can purchase merchandise online on the Sharks Web page or at the Pro Shop located at Logitech Ice.

For fans with plenty of money to spend, a wall clock, wizard neon sport clock, table top hockey game, or stain glass table lamp would make a nice addition to a fan's den or home.

Sharks jerseys, hats, tees, sweatshirts; sportswear and outerwear are the categories of clothing that can be bought at the locations mentioned. Trading cards, collectibles, accessories, vintage items and hockey memorabilia are the other categories of items being sold.

Jerseys and hats are clearly the most popular among Sharks fans. It is a common sight to see people of all ages in San Jose wearing Sharks jerseys and hats in public places.

Trading cards sold on the Sharks website are of former Sharks such as Mike Vernon and Teemu Selanne, as well as current Sharks such as Patrick Marleau, Marco Sturm, Evgeni Nabokov, Brad Stuart, and Vincent Damphousse.

My favorite category of items is the Shark collectibles. I especially like the team NHL Bendo figurines and bobble heads.

In case you're wondering what a NHL team Bendo figurine is, let me explain. A Bendo figurine is a collectible item that bends in any direction and pose. It stands approximately 5 1/2 inches tall and comes complete with a hockey stick, NHL team logo and smiling face.

Every time I see these items, I can't help but laugh. They remind me of Gumby or miniature Mr. Stretches because of their elastic nature.

The NHL team Bendos are new to the market and I would not be surprised if they become a giant hit among consumers because they are cheap and fun to look at. Sharks Bendos are priced at $9.99.

One item that is already a giant hit among sport fans is the bobble head. It is a good bet that many Sharks fans would like to purchase a Ricci 3rd Jersey Legends Bobble head. All NHL 3rd Jersey Legends Bobble heads are hand-carved and painted with intricate face detailing, decals, full hockey gear and player's name. They have a price tag of $19.99.

Sales of small items such as bobble heads and bendos provide franchises with a decent amount of profit even though they're at a low cost to consumers. These items sell quickly and in high quantities compared to higher priced items, which sell in lesser quantities and take longer to sell. Therefore, sales of both items are equally important.

Merchandise sales are not the only way sports franchises can gain revenue. Another way to make money is through food concessions at stadiums where teams play. In my next article, I will look at food concessions at the Shark Tank.

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