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Added Notes:

Matthew Adamski for SBS

The Giants have the fifth highest payroll in Major League Baseball at $89 million. The Braves, Red Sox, and Yankees are the only three-playoff teams with higher payrolls. The Yankees are on the top of the list at $157 million. Four of the six division winners have a top ten payroll including the Braves, Yankees, Giants, and Cubs. The other two division winners, the A's and Twins, are not in the top ten. Five teams in the top ten did not make the playoffs including the Dodgers, Mariner's, Mets, Cardinals, and Diamondbacks.
The A's have the lowest payroll among all playoff teams at $49 million, but still managed to win the AL West. The Mariners could not win the division or earn a Wild Card Berth despite having the sixth highest payroll.

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